Kathak is joy of movement and hearth of life.

Learn the authentic essence of Kathak .

About Kathak

The word kathak derived from “Katha”, literally means story teller. Music and dance were used by story tellers to illuminate the story while attacking the sensibilities of the audience.

Kathak became an established part of court culture, performed under the patronage of India’s Persian kings and Muslim moghuls. This sealed Kathak’s transition from colloquial entertainment to classical art form.

Why learn


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Enhances your focus.

Kathak helps in improving focus and concentration as the dance form is full of movements of the foot, eyes, hands, and face.


Kathak is a dance full of grace and passion. Perhaps, one of the greatest benefits of learning this dance form is that it gives you an avenue to perform on stage


True Notion of Aesthetic Bliss

Learning and mastering Kathak will enable you to learn the aesthetics of this dance form. That is the true bliss resulting from the beauty of body movements and hand gestures.

Neha Pendse Dance Academy

NPDA is a sanctuary of the arts devoted to preserving the culture of Kathak dance and classical Indian art.

The academy is dedicated to educate, research, and bring diversity to the community through innovating dance and performance. In addition to performances at numerous events and festivals.

Kathak Connoisseur & NPDA founder

Neha Pendse

Neha Pendse is the founder and artistic director of NPDA based in Houston TX. She is the disciple of Late Mrs Savita Godbole Narayan Traxi.She has performed in India as well as USA and also represented Indian ministry of petroleum and natural gas in Houston .

She has been actively teaching students all over the world through NPDA since last 14 years and also has hosted and judged my competition around .

Why Neha Pendse Dance Academy ?

We add value to our journey.


Structured learning

Learning pure basic of Kathak with structured and planned courses clubbed with the video and audio materials.

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Stage exposure

NPDA students appear in competitions apart from exams and taught to do own choreographies too.

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Degree / Certificate

Though it's an performing art , the certification is needed to showcase your level of learning and boosting student confidence

Over 150+ students

Hear out what they have to say

Best part is the structured learning and focus on the technicalities .


Kevin Muro

22 years

Kathak learning with our guru Neha Pendse turned my life into a beautiful symphony of music


Cora Boone

19 years

“Finally, I’ve found a Kathak academy that covers all bases and takes it ahead step by step.


Matthew Grant

20 years

“Simply the best. Better than all the rest. I’d recommend the beginners course .”


Ronald Braver

20 years

The journey and courses are the best


Stephen Weaver

18 years

Neha pendse is a great teacher and


John Martin

24 years

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