Our story

Neha Pendse Dance Academy (NPDA) previously Aaradhya academy of kathak Dance(AAKD), is a place for people who wish to learn the true, traditional, and authentic essence of Kathak. We have personalized classes as well as online group classes for different levels where we focus on well-rounded training in a holistic environment while focusing on every individual’s progress. Our classes do not just focus on dance, but also on theory and its interrelatedness in today’s times.

Kathak is the hidden language of the soul

We want to expand the boundaries of Latham preserving the core values of it. Pure traditional kathak training will be provided. We don’t want to produce followers but independent thinking minds and choreographers .

Neha Pendse our founder, personally helps students in brainstorming their ideas and helps with their choreography too, apart from what she teaches. She believes in pursuing students as performers and helps them find opportunities and guide them to shape themselves as Latham professionals. With her support and guidance, NPDA plans to grow as a worldwide kathka dance school .

About the Kathak courses 

NPDA offers 3 Stage courses

Keypoints of the courses